Personalized QR, an incredible marketing option.

Patricia Puerto
Patricia Puerto

Created in Japan, the personalized QR has become one of the best and most complete ways to carry information and receive it quickly and securely. Today it is one of the most widely used marketing tools, as it helps many people reach a website or social network quickly and safely.

A lot of questions have been raised about QR, such as: Is it expensive? How can I use it for marketing? Which companies can use a customized QR? Based on this, we have created content that will help and guide you in this world and may encourage you to enter it.

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Is personalized QR expensive?

This is one of the main questions we all ask ourselves, since, in order to use it as part of a marketing strategy, its cost must be proportional to the benefits it provides. Now, we can tell you that in our site you can get plans from only 5$ per month, with which you can generate your personalized QR.

You can also generate a QR totally free, just contact us and we will give you all the information you need. We can also tell you that our payment methods are really effective and you can enjoy a lot of benefits.

Does the customized QRhave any special features ?

This is a more common question than we think, however, we can tell you that, in terms of the aesthetics of this, the change will not be evident, this thanks to the fact that normally the QR code generating machines do it automatically.

Now, what makes the QR is personalized, is the ability to hold accurate information, for example, we can see that some have the home page of the page in question.

This is one of the most common ways to use it, since you give visits and the customer can from there be able to get anywhere on your page. Another way in which the QR code is used is to lead the customer directly to an offer or promotion, thus increasing the possibility of purchase by potential customers.

We cannot forget that The exact purpose of QR codes is to carry information, therefore, this can be reflected in different ways, one of them and the most effective is through multimedia content, people like to see videos and images that are nice to send a clear message.

If we analyze this situation a little, nowadays what is most consumed is videos, since they offer accurate and fast information. 

What are the marketing advantages of a personalized QR?

We already know that the cost of this type of advertising is really low, now, the advantages that this offers are varied and no matter what your business is, you can get them, among them we can mention:

Reach everyone quickly.

One of the main reasons to use a personalized QR for your marketing is that you can reach many people quickly and easily. This is thanks to the fact that they are really easy to read at any time and at present from any device.

The QR code scanner has become so important, that many phones already come with the necessary application for scanning, something that a few years ago could be taken as a disadvantage.

The personalized QR interface has become faster every day, so you can carry a piece of information, generate an action or even lead the customer to a satisfaction survey with just a scan.

More information equals more sales.

One of the main factors of an effective sale is the security that the customer may have to purchase the product, but how do we generate that security? This is a very important question in the marketing of any industry.

The main thing to generate security in a customer, is to carry all the information you need, therefore, a personalized QR, offers a variety of information of all your products, but with the possibility of detailing each and every one of these.

In addition to this, we must say that it perfectly combines a large amount of information with the speed to obtain it, which makes it ideal for the client.

You can place a personalized QR for each product

Generally, we can see that many companies use the custom QR only for the home page, however, you can use it in different ways or place it for each function you want.

We can have a QR for social networks, one for the home page, another for product and even for each of the product you have within the same. This allows you to segment the use of QR to each customer, offering a more personalized attention to the customer’s needs.

This attention is really important, because makes the difference in the personalized customer service, because each user wants to feel unique, nobody likes to be one more of the amount, on the contrary, to take directly to meet their needs, makes you can increase customer loyalty to your company.

You prevent the customer from memorizing.

Many times it happens to all of us, that we see some kind of advertising, we may like what we are offered, but when we get to our destination, we forget the name of the brand, this is usually more common than we think.

Memorizing makes the customer have to work a little harder to remember the brand name.The personalized QR, which usually results in the loss of a potential customer, therefore, the personalized QR allows us to reach the customer much faster and effectively.

What kind of companies can use a customized QR?

Generally, this has been observed in restaurants, however, there are a large number of companies that can make use of a personalized QR, among which we can mention:

  1. Banking entities
  2. Insurance offices
  3. Clinics
  4. Transportation companies
  5. Restaurants

These are just a few of the top businesses that make use of a custom QR, however, anyone who needs to do marketing, this will be a really good option.

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