We show you how to create a free QR for restaurants

Patricia Puerto
Patricia Puerto

In times of pandemic, creating a QR for restaurants is one of the best alternatives you can take for your business. People, after a long time, wish to resume and include new alternatives in their lives.

However, always trying to respect safety standards, betting on streamlining consumption with technology such as QR codes. Therefore, using a QR for restaurants you can offer the attention that your customers want, always ensuring their safety.

In this way, you can create a space that has the right measures for a good stay. Here we will tell you how to do it to be successful.

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How to create a free restaurant QR?

We show you how to create a free QR for restaurants

Given the conditions in which the world finds itself, you can take innovative alternatives to meet the needs. In this way, your restaurant will have a welcoming place that offers the attention your customers want.

Creating a QR for restaurants is a simple process, with which you give information to your customers about your products. This must be in a visible place, which will be scanned by the mobile device that each customer has.

You can opt for the place the code on each table or on a cover letter on them. It is important that it has an eye-catching appearance, thus making your customer want to scan and get to know the menu.

In the platform you use to create it, you will have to upload your letter as a PDF or image, being added to the QR. You can upload more than one file, making your menu extensive or generate meal categories for your customers.

After create the free restaurant QR, will download it and print it on some paper or card. In this way, you will be able to generate different copies according to the number of tables available in your restaurant.

It is important that you have a good point of creativity for the letter where you place the QR. You can place some slogans or motivational phrases, as it is no secret that the pandemic has affected many.

You can add some images of the most common dishes in your menu and thus offer a preview of everything. In this way, you will have finished create the free restaurant QR you need so much.

Benefits of creating a QR for restaurants

Avoid reprints

In case you make price changes or there are mistakes in the menu, you do not need to reprintthe QR. At the same time, when you decide you want to change or add dishes, you will have the opportunity to do so without reprinting the QR.

In this way, we facilitate customer access to a practical menu and you avoid inconvenience or excessive costs. Avoidingcontact is what you most want to create a free QR for restaurants you can achieve it.

We provide a safe service

We show you how to create a free QR for restaurants

As a biosecurity measure, avoiding contact with other people is the most desirable. Therefore, having a restaurant that complies with them, you must create a QR for restaurants quickly.

At the same time, there will be no way that when the scanning is performed there will be no menu information available. Orders can be requested through the same system, whenever your customers want, can place an order

In case you have new customers who do not know how the scanning is done, you can give a guide to it. The same must meet the QR, so your customers will have an immediate explanation.

You will be able to perform real-time updates

In case you have a delivery service, you canalsomanage your customers’ orders and ensure that everyone receives a prompt response. You can enable the platform so that your customers from home can scan the QR and also see the menu.

Thus, the control will be at all times of your orders, avoiding delays in delivery of orders.

You will have an innovative way to attract customers

Many restaurants have not bothered to create a free QR for restaurants, so you will be innovating a lot. An eye-catching and reliable alternative makes customers feel safe and with services adapted to the circumstances.

It is a versatile tool

All smartphones and tablets have the ability to perform real-time scanning. Thus, your menu can be scanned in any form and will be adapted to the needs of your customers.

Although the create a free QR for restaurants you are innovating and you are generating a tool, your customers require another one to scan it. However, the scanning can be performed with any relatively current device.

Thus, your range is wide for any scanner encountered.

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