If you have come this far, it's because you are interested in generating a QR code.

We offer you the possibility of hosting your files on our servers and have your own custom URL associated with an accessible QR code.

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Create your QR code for free

Turn any document into a QR code

Converts other types of elements:
Green tab content
Blue tab content

Free of charge and immediate delivery

Very simple and fast. Just upload your file and the downloadable QR code will be generated in PNG

Any format

Whether it's an image, a video, pdf or Word document, you can upload it and you will get your own link and a scannable QR code

Unlimited duration

You can use your QR code whenever you want!!!

Steps to generate your QR code

  • 1

    Drag or select the file from which you would like to get your QR code from your computer to our tool. We support any format: jpg, png, Word, pdf, Excel, gif, video, vcard ...

  • 2

    Our tool processes your file. Be patient, if it's a large file it will take longer to create.

  • 3

    We will notify you that we are processing your file and that your QR is generated. For this we will need that you indicate your email address to be able to send you updates

  • 4

    Once the email is received, you will automatically receive the QR code in your inbox

What are our digital menus for restaurants and other businesses like?

In case of doubt, here are our Plans

We have different options to generate your digital menu accessible through QR. Our plans are one-time payment, without commissions or monthly maintenance. What are you waiting for?

Free Plan

If you want to use our services for free, this plan is ideal for you.


Start now, for free! →
  • Do it yourself
  • With ads
  • Any format
  • Custom URL
  • Up to 100 products
  • Information on allergens
  • 2 Languages
  • Fixed QR with each update
  • 100% self-management
  • Reservations, home delivery and social networks module

Standard Plan

If you want to have several languages in your menu and avoid annoying advertising for your customers, this is your plan.

  • We upload and design the menu for you
  • No ads
  • Any format
  • Custom URL
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Information on allergens
  • Unlimited languages
  • Fixed QR with each update
  • 100% self-management
  • Advanced statistics
  • Reservations, home delivery and social networks module
  • Push notifications and email capture module