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We give you your own QR code, hosted on our website. And also, a very simple URL for customers who don’t have a QR reader on their phones


100% self-manageable tool. Manage your menu yourself, change your menus, prices, photos or dishes. No additional maintenance costs.



Global presence in establishments around the world.


Establishments implemented

Establishments that already enjoy our digital menus.


Menus consulted per day

Let's reduce contact with physical menus, it's everyone's responsibility

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Frequently asked questions

We help digitize any idea you have that you want to share through the use of QR codes. You can start using our platform immediately and free of charge thanks to our free plans.

If you prefer, our team will design and prepare the menu for you. Just send us your files and we will deliver it ready to use.

Yes. You will be able to update your digital menu whenever you need to. The QR code will not change once generated, regardless of whether you change the content.

Depending on the plan you select, you can create the digital menu on your own or have us create it for you. In any case, you can always use the configurator to create new settings.

If you prefer, we can help you with the maintenance as well, just tell us what you want to change and our team will be happy to help.

We have a business model on a global scale where we can offer the most competitive prices. Like most of you, we are also in the hospitality industry and we know how important it is to adjust the pre-provisions as much as possible.

No! If you use the Free plan, there is no cost. For the Standard plan, the price you pay is a fixed monthly price, with no surprises.

All you will need is to have your QR codes visible for customers to scan. Therefore, you will receive in digital format the QR codes in high quality so that you can place them in strategic points such as tables, entrance, etc.

You will also have a link that you can share with your customers through your different communication channels: social networks, WhatsApp, etc.

No problem. We adapt to many particular situations with our customers, usually we are supporting different types of products such as room service or terrace or prices for ration and 1/2 ration.

If we do not have a solution due to any limitation of our system, our team is constantly evolving the product to improve it day by day.

Of course. 100% independent from us, you will have access to the configurator where you will be able to make changes with greater agility.

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