QR for restaurants, the new way to interact with your customers.

Patricia Puerto
Patricia Puerto

Technology is gradually advancing, this has allowed us to find different ways to find information, give information or even different ways to achieve a marketing objective, a clear example of this are the QR for restaurants.

These have become the latest ways to interact with your customers, from giving out the menu, carrying promotions and many other things which we will be explaining in this article, so if you want to get up to date in your restaurant, stay with us to get it.

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What are QR for restaurants?

To begin with, we must talk about what are the QR codes, the same is also little known by the name of Quick Response, which has long been in the technological world, but in recent years has managed to be brought to different utilities for all.

The QR is a bar code, which nowadays can be understood and scanned by most mobile devices, therefore, with a smart phone you can get information really fast.

This code is mainly used to provide information to users who scan the code, however, there are some companies that perform monetary transactions by means of this code.

The importance of this code is based on the simplicity and speed for everything you need to do, and it has happened to all of us that sometimes we want to give our Instagram and we spell it or even search for it in the client’s device. Now everything is much easier, since you can give your QR code for restaurants, and you will give all the information you need to your customers.

What can we achieve with QR codes for restaurants?

The advantages within these codes are really interesting, since they have been mainly used for the customer to see the menu, however, their uses go beyond that. Among these uses we can mention:

Instant offers and promotions

The main thing in any business is to sell, and if we have offers and promotions, we want each and every one of our customers to be able to access them, however, this is not always the case.

Now, the use of the QR code in this type of actions can be generated in 2 main ways, the first one is by letting the customer know that if he scans the code he will have a reward. This is usually the most used, since it makes people automatically feel attracted to scan your code.

The second way is to do it in the form of a mystery, like telling the customer, scan our code and discover everything we have for you. This is quite pleasant, since the customer will get a reward he did not expect and the possibility of a sale increases enormously.

Now, the other great advantage of using these codes is that they can be used to QR for restaurants, is that you can take them to all digital platforms, so anyone who is connected to the network can reach the promotion without problem and in a fast way from any type of smart device.

View the menu and place orders

It is no secret that this is one of the main reasons why the QR for restaurants was visualized, so you can find a lot of establishments that make use of this to show the menu.

Now, why is a digital menu so interesting? One of the main reasons why using this method is good, is because of the ease of viewing, conventional menus are good, but being able to see the dish you will eat, know its ingredients and the different presentations or accompaniments you can have, in addition to comparing prices from your device, is something really good.

We all want accessibility in our lives, so just scan a code and get all the information, is something that the customer appreciates, plus these codes are really cheap and even some almost free.

While everything we’ve already told you is good, being able to order from the table becomes another great advantage that only a restaurant QR code can give you. We have all gone through the cumbersome moment of raising our hand to be served, and many times, it takes a long time and it is not only the waiter’s fault, sometimes he is really busy.

Eliminating this step is a great feeling, placing your order on the device is practically talking to the people in the kitchen directly.

Make payments for your dishes from the QR code for restaurants

If self-managing your purchase is not enough for you, QR codes for restaurants also allow you to pay for your meal in a single scan. This begs the question: Is it safe? It is one of the most secure payment methods available today, with the speed that no other can give you.

Depending on the restaurant, you can scan the QR and it will send you to a shopping cart, just like shopping at any online store. This generates an ease and speed of payment that no other payment method can generate.

Drive your customers to social networks

It is a reality that if you are viral you exist in the world and if you are not, everything becomes uphill, therefore, social networks are everything nowadays, however, because of that the competition has become much more complicated, therefore, we all want to be followed and searched in a faster and easier way.

QR codes for restaurants become the perfect option to take your customers to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, the restaurant’s official website or anywhere you need your customers to go.

What makes customers follow you? The ease and speed with which they can get you, therefore, reach your networks with just scanning becomes a perfect option to massify your followers in all social networks you manage, as well as visits to your web pages.

  Why have QRs become so important for restaurants in recent years?

Access to these QR for restaurants has become a trend after the COVID issue, this at the restaurant level, since it allows the customer to feel well served, without the need for close contact or crowding.

Therefore, in the last few years, restaurants seeking to adhere to this new normality, have managed to reach everyone by means of QR codes. Many of these restaurants have focused cubicles, thus avoiding contagion and making it possible for everyone to be served.

Likewise, the QR code, comes as a way to advertise without having contact with anyone, it could be seen in all public places, different QR codes so that the few people who were passing by scanned the codes.

Also, many promotions can be seen within the delivery, since this is another that could increase exponentially in the COVID season, in order to decrease the contagion that could take place in the strongest years of contagion.

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QR for restaurants, the new way to interact with your customers.

In a qr menu for restaurants you can see everything from promotions to delivery options, to making payment.

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