What can we do with the category list element

  • Present the user with a list of the categories that are part of a particular section.

What we must take into account about this element

  • The list of categories will only present the existing categories within the section where it is included, i.e., if within the digital menu we have the “Tapas” and “Drinks” sections, when including categories in the list element in the Tapas section, only the categories of the “Tapas” section will appear and not those of the “Drinks” section.

What main options this element allows:

  • Adjust the style of the listing. At the moment there are two display modes DATE and BUTTONS.
  • In the BUTTONS mode, a thumbnail of the category image is displayed on the left side if it has been assigned.

What aspects the element has within the configurator:

Standard options:

What does the element look like within the digital menu?

With ARROWS mode

With the BUTTONS mode

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