Standard Plan

We regularly add questions related to the standard plan that our users send us so that we can help and clarify any doubts to the rest of the people.

If you have no answer, please contact us to clarify your doubts.

Select the plan that best suits your business. Add to the shopping cart and complete the payment information requested. Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email with instructions on how to send us all the material for the menu

Yes. You send us the material you want us to include and we work on your project, to deliver it to you completely finished. No work on your part.

In order to start working on your letter we just need you to send us all the material you want your digital letter to contain. The letter or product catalog in the format you have it (jpg, pdf, Excel) and if you have pictures, logo too.

With this plan what we can do is to adjust your physical menu/catalog of services to be displayed through a QR code and, unlike the Free plan, you will not have any advertising anywhere.

Currently our charts are supported so that your digital chart has six languages. However, we provide language support but we are not professional translators. Our team can dump the translations you send us and if you prefer we can use automatic translators to perform a basic translation.

Of course. We recommend that you send us your logo so we can include it and if you have a corporate line of colors that you want to keep in your digital letter, we will apply it without any problem. Our design templates are very flexible and can be adapted to virtually any type of design.

When we finish digitizing your letter. We will send you an email where you will receive: the link to access it, in digital format the QR code and a link to access the configurator where you can make adjustments or changes to it.

Within the configurator you will find functionalities that allow you to make any changes to the elements of your menu. Our team of experts uses the configurator you have at your disposal to do the uploading for you, so if they are able to do it, you can do it too!

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