First steps

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basic controls of the configuration, it is time to start composing your digital chart.

To do this you must be clear about the concept of grouping elements, we summarize an example of a digital menu in the following image:

Each digital menu can only be composed of a document type element that will encompass the different sections you may have, this can be used in a digital menu to present different categories of products or even different menus (meals or desserts).

Each of these elements corresponds to components of the toolbox that you can drag to the work area.

Start assembling your first interactive digital menu

Let’s start with the example of our bakery Marsella, the current menu looks like this:

The first thing to do is to divide the chart into the elements that will compose it, in our case we will divide the digital menu into:

  • Document
  • Image. With the bakery icon
  • Section. Which we will call MENU
  • Category. Which will be the PAN block
  • Product. Canilla Bread
  • Product. Peasant Bread

Once we are clear about the composition of the digital menu we will have to drag the different components, in the following help sections you will have all the details of the different categories and possibilities:

Dragging from the left side to the right side we compose our work area with the different elements:

Once we have all the elements in the work area and with the values indicated in each element, do not worry during this documentation we will present each and every one of them with the possibilities they offer. You will need to save to view the changes.

And we will be able to visualize in the preview area the result of the digital chart:

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