Home delivery

We regularly add questions related to the Home Ordering module that our users send us so that we can help and clarify any doubts to the rest of the people.

If you have no answer, please contact us to clarify your doubts.

If you want to offer the possibility of home delivery or on-site pick-up, with this add-on you will be able to offer all your customers an e-commerce of your business. Start increasing your sales!

This module is included in all our plans so you don’t have to worry about any increase.

If you want us to implement a payment gateway, so that your customer can make payments directly, you can do it. To do this we would need you to follow a series of instructions with the collection platforms we work with.

No! We do not intend to commission on a sale that is yours. We are here to support you in bringing more sales only and to make your life easier.

Currently we have three modes of operation, you can configure it for home delivery, to pick up at the establishment or to place the order from the tables in your establishment.

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