Image gallery

One of the most important parts of the digital charts is to make a correct use of the images, for this we have several elements that facilitate their use but before entering them is very important to become familiar with the image gallery and its management.

What to do with the image gallery

The image gallery allows us to do three things:

  • Upload images/photos from our computer
  • Search images within our preset image library
  • Use a screenshot from the clipboard to transform it into an image, this is called a block.

The image gallery can be accessed from two very specific places in the configurator:

  • From each of the elements that have support for images.
  • From the top area of the action button panel.

Option 1:

In each of the elements that offer the possibility of using an image, you will have the following selection block where you can access the image gallery.

In this situation, once you select one of the images in the gallery, it will be assigned to the element in question.

Option 2:

From the actions button you can access the gallery and upload images or search for them.

In this situation you will not be able to link to a specific element of the chart, but you will have to access through option 1 on the desired element to select the image that best fits.

Which elements allow the use of images in the digital chart

Elements that give the possibility to incorporate images are:

  • Section
  • Category
  • Product
  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Promotion
  • Banner

In the following section we will be able to see these elements in greater depth with examples of use.

Image gallery structure

First of all, I would like to explain the details of the different elements that we can see in the configurator:

Image Bank section:

From this section we will be able to search for images within our library of predefined images. For this purpose we have a free search engine for you to enter your search keywords and we also provide you with some predefined searches.

You can make use of the text box or click on the predefined buttons

The list of images will be as follows, if you are viewing the gallery from an image compatible element, when you click on the image, it will be linked to the element.

My files section:

From this section you can upload images/photos from our computer and use them from the digital menu.

On the right side you can drag the images from your computer and click on the “Drop files here to upload” area and it will allow you to select the files from your device.

On the left side will appear the previously available files and as you upload new files they will appear in the same area.

If you are viewing the gallery from an image-compatible element, clicking on the image will link it to the element.

Block Section:

This is the most advanced use of image management, but at the same time allows you greater flexibility in composing your digital chart.

The first thing to do is to have the necessary software to take screenshots of regions to save the content to the clipboard. There are plenty of free software that allow this purpose.

Once you have the image copied to the clipboard, what you have to do is to add a new element:

Select the created element by clicking on the following button:

And once the box turns red, we will have to glue the paddle holder:

You can use key combinations to copy and paste content:

  • PC: Ctrl+v to Paste.
  • Mac: ⌘ + + v to Paste

The result should be as follows and allow you to use the image in the same way as the rest of the gallery sections, that is, if you are viewing the gallery from an image-compatible element, when you click on the image, it will be linked to the element.

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